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the boy in the chameleon mask (isbn: 978-1482829884)

1. _The Boy in the Chameleon Mask_ - Chi
2. _The Boy in the Chameleon Mask_ - Tre
3. _The Boy in the Chameleon Mask_ - Ant

I wrote, illustrated, and published The Boy in the Chameleon Mask in January 2015 – available on AmazonBarns and Noble, Google Books, and more.

As a synesthetic storyteller, the power of images and colors to convey social messages never fail to excite me. Coupled with my passion for social justice, I intend to explore a myriad of social issues by working predominantly in the medium of illustrations and poetry. 


Fueled by my desire to advocate for social change, I was encouraged to connect art with children the roots of our community. While I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a member of my new community in Hong Kong as a Taiwanese migrant at a young age, I was also aware that this is not the case for all. Knowing that “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities," I decided to illustrate a children's picture book combining images, words, and a social message.


The Boy in the Chameleon Mask is a children's picture book that aims to educate young children about social injustice through the art of storytelling. Based on a symbolic story of a young boy who hides behind a chameleon mask with a naive desire to 'adapt' to his surrounding environment, the book underscores the importance of acceptance and open-mindedness in cultivating an inclusive community for all.


After the publication of my book, I was invited to attend the Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival as a participating writer and also presented my book to students at the ICS primary arts department.

With art being a universal language, I also look forward to continuing working with young children and the less fortunate in the community to educate them about urging societal issues through engaging visuals.

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