student tech services

Visual Communications Designer

1.5+ years, Fall 2018 - Present 



Cristobal Olivares


Process + Methods 

Visual Design, Brand Design,

Merch Design, Campaign/ Event Planning + Promotional Design 

Project Summary: 

Since Fall 2018, I worked with the Marketing Team as the Visual Communications Designer
for UC Berkeley Student Technology Services. 

At Student Technology Services, I worked on:

  •  Marketing design​​

  • Website interface design 

  • Student recruitment​ + outreach campaign materials 

  •  Merch design

Student Technology Services supports students by ensuring they have reliable network access and knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive technical support. We support access to campus-provided Wi-Fi throughout all residential locations and on campus. We also work to inform students about the importance of keeping their personal data and devices secure. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients can fully utilize network resources for their academic and personal needs. 

How do we design for meaningful engagements driven
by educational purposes? 

What is student tech services?

–––––––––––    Project #1

# 1 What ways can we get students interested and involved in cybersecurity?

On the UC Berkeley Campus, we are faced with the challenge of teaching the current and future generation of students about cybersecurity and privacy, fields which for most of them are relatively new and challenging to learn.


Furthermore, engaging students to start considering careers in cybersecurity — much less getting them interested and talking about it— is another hurdle to conquer.

 –––––––––––   Project #2

# 2 How can the marketing team encourage recruiting for diversity?

The marketing team is driven by the vision to create relationships with students of all backgrounds and identities to learn what is important to them and how to best serve them through in-person events, needs assessments and social media.

During the recruitment cycle this semester,  the team organized a recruitment campaign "Faces of STS" to increase exposure of employment opportunities on campus. The campaign targeted social media, student organizations on campus, and underserved student community/ resource centers. 

The Faces of STS campaign also featured student employees' faces and individual stories on social media. I led a creative-photoshoot session with 70+ current student employees at Student Technology Services and had them pose with tech equipment-related to their roles – e.g a keyboard, lightbulb, telephone, printer and more. 


The goal of the series is to not only increase internal workers' morale and foster a greater sense of community among co-workers, but it also serves to introduce to UC Berkeley students the diverse stories/ backgrounds of the STS cohort.

 –––––––––––   Project #2

Meet the Outreach & Engagement Team!

Our team is responsible for promoting services provided by STS and engaging with students to identify and to promote tech resources on campus that support and enhance the student experience.


We are committed to serving the UC Berkeley student body and ensuring that all students are granted access to inclusive technological services!