Creating an accessible and intuitive food donation recipient portal 

10 weeks, Jan—May 2018


Project Manager
Karen Chou

Process + Methods 

User Research, Interview, Ideation, Conceptual Testing, Iteration, Rapid Prototyping, Usability Testing


Project Introduction


In the Spring 2018 semester through Berkeley Innovation, I worked with Karen Chou, Pamela Hu,
Kenny Yeung, and Leanne Chan with 
Replate on their recipient portal.

Project Purpose 

  • To provide an efficient and seamless tool for Replate’s recipients

  • To establish a sense of trust towards Replate as a middleman

  • To foster a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction through a straightforward, 
    informative, and easy sign-up process



The Replate recipient portal was officially launched in July 2018, we are so humbled to have been able to make a small contribution
in reducing the digital divide for those in need!

Meet the Replate Team!

At the end of our project, we had the opportunity to present our work to Replate's design team at its Oakland headquarters.


It was a great experience getting thoughtful and detailed feedback from the designers, researchers, and product managers who work with the product every day.

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