quizlet x bluebottle
Designing a collaborative coffee ordering experience

3 days, March 2019


Solo Design Challenge

Process + Methods 

User Research, Site Observation,

Ideation, Competitive Analysis,

Rapid Prototyping


Project Introduction


For my Quizlet Product Design Challenge, I was invited to design a Bluebottle coffee ordering flow for iOS specifically for Quizlet employees to be able to enjoy coffee breaks despite their busy schedules.

Project Prompt

  • Many Quizlet employees are unable to grab some afternoon coffee and tea after lunch-time due to their busy schedule and the long wait time at Bluebottle after lunch hours. How might we design a solution to help optimize their time and to order ahead?

Affinity Mapping: Student Interns and Workers

Key Interview Insights

What is the experience

of purchasing coffee during peak hours?

Affinity Mapping: Cafe Baristas 

Key Interview Insights

What is the experience

of serving coffee and managing orders during peak hours?

User Journey Map