2019 Summer/ Fall internship

7 months — June - Dec 2019



Audrey Hoffman Lekmine

Process + Methods 

Communication Design, Brand Design, Graphic Design, Campaign/ Event Planning, Ideation, User Research, Wireframes, Competitive Analysis

Internship Intro


Since the summer of 2019, I worked with Okta’s Internal Communications Lead in the Content and Communications team. My experience at Okta has allowed me to design a high-quality communication experience for the employees by building consistent communication muscle through visuals, brand materials, and an accessible online platform.

At Okta I ...

  • Designed promotional materials for Okta’s annual Tech Pathways Week campaign

  • Conducted user research, competitive analysis, and created mockups of internal tools for Okta’s employee portal

  • Created digital and physical collateral for office events, initiatives, and activities for 900+ Okta employees

  • Built presentations for Okta’s weekly All Hands meetings and C-Suite Executives



Employee Engagement Survey Campaign

Concept and design for ‘Okta's 2019 Quarterly Employee Engagement Survey Campaign' Series of timed posters that adopts the VMTs of the company to encourage participation.



Tech Pathways Week Campaign

The campaign aims to raise awareness for Okta’s third annual Tech Pathways Week, a global, week-long event, that connects underrepresented youth to careers in technology.


It consists of two parts: (1) Employee Mentorship + (2) Youth Empowerment. First, by featuring employees from different departments at Okta, the campaign highlights how mentorship has impacted each of them on their journey – and thus, each person has something valuable to offer! The "dreamer" notion, on the other hand, serves as a reminder of how the pathways give Okta access to an untapped talent pool and provide hard-to-reach students with more career resources and options!



Okta HQ Digital Signages

By creating the digital signages, I learned: 

  • Importance of partnership with other teams in the company – internal communications is the 'glue' to making teams connect

  • Internal communications’ role to help elevate their own campaigns beyond conventional communication methods

  • How to create engaging content to reduce confusion, clutter and any processes that create friction in company-wide comms 



All Hands Presentations 

Working on the weekly AH presentations was an unexpected way to dive into the Okta Brand + Product:

  • All Hands preparation process fosters a three-way relationship between the speaker + internal comms + the audience

  • The right visuals + presentation-logic help, boost the speaker’s confidence

  • "Think through the lens of the audience" – the importance of brand consistency, legibility, and attention to detail

How do we effectively present different types of content to enagage onsite + remote audience?



Other Okta Branding Projects

Okta Round-Up Newsletter Banner Redesign 

Meet the 2019 Okterns!

The Okta internship experience was nothing but growing and valuable. I appreciated how the nature of the role that encouraged me to engage with other teams + learn about their specialties and address their needs through creative outputs!


I've also had the great opportunity to receive guidance + support from my mentor and being trusted to take on larger-scale projects (e.g Tech Pathways Week Campaign). Through constant check-ins, honest conversations + critiques (e.g weekly 1:1), I've been able to address my own areas of growth and learn how to adopt feedback in a constructive manner.

I’ve been humbled by the amount of trust I receive from my team as an intern. I feel empowered by encouragement and honest feedback, and I’m incredibly appreciative of Okta’s open culture of learning and support.