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2019 summer and fall internship

7 months, June - Dec 2019 


Audrey Hoffman Lekmine


Communication Design, Brand Identity Graphic Design, Campaign/ Event Planning, Competitive Analysis


Since the summer of 2019, I worked with Okta’s Internal Communications Manager in the PR and Marketing team. My experience at Okta has allowed me to design a high-quality communication experience for the employees by building consistent brand muscle through visuals, brand materials, and an accessible online platform.

At Okta I ...

  • Designed promotional materials for Okta’s annual Tech Pathways Week campaign

  • Conducted user research, competitive analysis, and created mockups of internal tools for Okta’s employee portal

  • Created digital and physical collateral for office events, initiatives, and activities for 900+ Okta employees

  • Built presentations for Okta’s weekly All Hands meetings and C-Suite Executives

Project 1

Employee Engagement Survey Campaign

Concept and design for ‘Okta's 2019 Quarterly Employee Engagement Survey Campaign' Series of timed posters that adopts the VMTs of the company to encourage participation.


Project 2

Tech Pathways Week Campaign

The campaign aims to raise awareness for Okta’s third annual Tech Pathways Week, a global, week-long event, that connects underrepresented youth to careers in technology.


It consists of two parts: (1) Employee Mentorship + (2) Youth Empowerment. First, by featuring employees from different departments at Okta, the campaign highlights how mentorship has impacted each of them on their journey – and thus, each person has something valuable to offer! The "dreamer" notion, on the other hand, serves as a reminder of how the pathways give Okta access to an untapped talent pool and provide hard-to-reach students with more career resources and options!

Cherry's Okta Internship Deck (Internal
Cherry's Okta Internship Deck (Internal

Project 3

Okta HQ Digital Signages

By creating the digital signages, I learned: 

  • Importance of partnership with other teams in the company – internal communications is the 'glue' to making teams connect

  • Internal communications’ role to help elevate their own campaigns beyond conventional communication methods

  • How to create engaging content to reduce confusion, clutter and any processes that create friction in company-wide comms 

Option 1_(8.5 x 11) 1pm.png
Option 2_(1080 x 1920) 1pm.png

Project 4

All Hands Presentations 

Working on the weekly AH presentations was an unexpected way to dive into the Okta Brand + Product:

  • All Hands preparation process fosters a three-way relationship between the speaker + internal comms + the audience

  • The right visuals + presentation-logic help, boost the speaker’s confidence

  • "Think through the lens of the audience" – the importance of brand consistency, legibility, and attention to detail

How do we effectively present different types of content to enagage onsite + remote audience?

Cherry's Okta Internship Deck (Internal
Cherry's Okta Internship Deck (Internal

Project 5

Other Okta Branding Projects

Okta Round-Up Newsletter Banner Redesign 

Banner 1_v4.png
Round UP_Q3FY20 Email Banner.png
Cherry's Okta Internship Deck (Internal

Meet the 2019 Okterns!


The Okta internship experience was nothing but growing and valuable. I appreciated how the nature of the role encouraged me to engage with other teams + learn about their specialties and address their needs through creative outputs!


I've also had the great opportunity to receive guidance + support from my mentor and being trusted to take on larger-scale projects (e.g Tech Pathways Week Campaign). Through constant check-ins, honest conversations + critiques (e.g weekly 1:1), I've been able to address my own areas of growth and learn how to adopt feedback in a constructive manner.

I’ve been humbled by the amount of trust I receive from my team as an intern. I feel empowered by encouragement and honest feedback, and I’m incredibly appreciative of Okta’s open culture of learning and support.

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