Redesigning a playful and interactive friend referral feature!

3 days, June 2020


Solo Design Challenge

Process + Methods 

UI/UX Design, User Research,

Ideation, Competitive Analysis,

Rapid Prototyping


Project Introduction


For my KiwiCo UI/UX Design Challenge, I was invited to redesign the KiwiCo's current 'Refer a Friend' user flow for iOS specifically.

Project Prompt

  • KiwiCo is a product and content subscription company that offers delivery of fun and engaging projects to encourage kids to explore, create, and learn the fundamentals of STEAM!

  • The project asks for me to become familiar with the existing flow at and map out my version of a more user-friendly UX/UI with low-fidelity mobile wireframes/block frames and high-fidelity prototypes.

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