adobe cal-endar

UC Berkeley 2019-20 Academic Calendar

4 weeks, Summer 2019 



Cristobal Olivares


Process + Methods 

Visual + Graphic Design,

Brand Design, Merch Design

Project Summary: 

Summer 2019, the marketing team at Student Tech Services and Adobe collaborated on a project to redesign the 2019-20 UC Berkeley Academic Calendar. The calendars reached 1,000+ grad and undergrads in dorm rooms, offices, open days, and student fairs + is also available in e-copy.


As a team, we wanted to reimagine a calendar that would not only help promote STS's services but also educate students on where to access tech resources + opportunities. 

I designed and illustrated all the monthly calendar visuals that aim to showcase a wider range of demographics. The graphic style is rather whimsical and playful to promote a playful tone  – ultimately encouraging students to engage with the information + content in the calendar.

How do we create an interactive and educational calendar that informs students of important dates + tech resources + services supported by STS?

How do we promote diversity and inclusion in a campus-wide
distributed academic calendar?

I took note of what the details in the graphic's positioning, shapes, and colors can inform and be translated into. With this in mind, I made several iterations of the same graphic + received feedback.

We also distributed stickers echoing the calendar design to students...

Meet the Outreach & Engagement Team!

Our team is responsible for promoting services provided by STS and engaging with students to identify and to promote tech resources on campus that support and enhance the student experience.


We are committed to serving the UC Berkeley student body and ensuring that all students are granted access to inclusive technological services!