designing a platform that promotes internal digital transformation

10 weeks, Aug - Dec 2018


Project Manager
Inaara Charolia


User Research, Interview, Ideation, Conceptual Testing, Iteration, Rapid Prototyping, Usability Testing



In the Fall 2018 semester through Berkeley Innovation, I worked with Ivy Nguyen, You Jin Lee, and Maria Terrenal to design an internal site for Clorox's Technology Advancement Center (TAC) to encourage employees to proactively share project ideas. 

These designs were implemented by a team of Clorox interns, and the site is now live!

The Challenge

  • To design an interface that represents digital transformation at Clorox

  • To provide an intuitive platform for employees to submit innovative ideas

  • To showcase emerging technology domains and potential use cases, upcoming events/workshops, innovation team’s service offerings, and success stories


Success Stories

Events + Workshops 

Employee Bio

About Clorox TAC

Meet the Clorox Team!

By the end of the project, we presented our prototype with the Clorox TAC team and invited the team to our design showcase.


It was a rewarding experience to learn how the approach to designing an internally facing site differs from that of the common external-facing site. As a team, we've grown so much learning to adopt different methods of user research – specifically targeting existing employees, and have also come to appreciate the value of utilizing shared digital platforms as a tool to connect meaningful ideas and cultivating an innovative culture at a company like Clorox!

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