clean air network

Creating approachable data, figures, and policies for the public 

10 weeks, Summer 2017


Patrick Fung


Process + Methods 

Visual Design, Data Visualization,

Design Thinking, Graphic Design

Project Summary: 

During summer 2017, I work for Clean Air Network as a Research & Design Intern.

At Clean Air Network, I worked on:

  • Research on city-design and sustainable transport systems in the Greater China Region

  • A redesign of communication collaterals for annual air-quality review reports for Corporate Partners, including a series of infographics & fact sheets.

  • Creating effective data visualization of Hong Kong's annual air-quality index in 2017


What is CAN? 

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Clean Air Network is an independent NGO that encourages the public to speak out about the health impacts of air pollution. The organization is dedicated to drive policy change by building knowledge, collaborating strategically and advocating solutions in a collaborative approach. 


Driven by a fundamental commitment to using civic exchange to achieve lasting impact in the real world, CAN seeks to build flexibility into their approaches to encourage policy dialogues. The team works closely with academics, government officials, corporations and local communities – with the aim to make urban environmental policies accessible and known by the public.

Corporate Event Program  

Given the task of designing a program guide for an annual event "Walk for Clean Air," I created the CAN Program Collaboration set. The event encourages participants to collect air quality data by using monitoring devices as they make close observation of city landscape and traffic conditions. It aims to promote walkability and encourage participants to learn about the effects of the street canyon and air pollution.


Each poster illuminates a different function of the program by featuring the respective participant groups, including corporates, students, and local communities. 















Press Release Series

CAN builds knowledge and awareness among the public and experts. Through years of building relationships with diverse civic communities and the government, CAN continues to establish itself as a trusted advisor and partner to enable policymakers to enact appropriate policies that protect clean air. 

I designed a one-pager for 2018 CAN Press Release with the goal to introduce attendees to CAN and its advocacy works in a creative and engaging manner.













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