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empowering love through language and multicultural education

1+ years, January 2021 - Present

UIUX Design, Brand Identity, Visual Design, Marketing and Strategy


Cherry Wu, Florence Lau, Karene Lam, Marco Wan, Venus Wan 

My Role

I work remotely as a UIUX and Brand designer for the team. I led the ideation, design, and prototyping cycles for the website. I also created pitch decks and other marketing assets for promotional purposes. Currently, I direct the logo revamp and social media strategy updates.

At Student Technology Services, I worked on:

  • Designed and delivered the official CantoGather website

  • Led branding and logo revisions and currently devising a new style guide

  • Created social media + event promotion templates for non-designers to implement

  • Produced marketing collaterals and pitch decks under brand guidelines

What is CantoGather?

CantoGather is a volunteer-based organization that bridges both Chinese and Non-Chinese ethnic minorities communities of Hong Kong together through language and multicultural education. The vision stems from a city united where all share the same opportunities, the same heart, and the same language.

Website + Social Media

How might we deliver the vision and mission of CantoGather through our web-based platforms?

The objective of our official website and social media platforms is to demonstrate the values of unity through love and shared understanding. The site adopts a lively persona with the brand colors of orange, yellow, and pink, and uses geometric shapes coupled by curved edges to convey a playful tone that resembles the building blocks and interactive play. With careful consideration of legibility for students, non-Chinese parents, and educators, there is an emphasis on flat graphic iconographies and infographics as well as larger text with simple one-liner explanations.

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 4.36.24 PM.png

Learn about Prince's Story

Brand Identity + Logo Iterations

Taking the next steps...

Currently, our logo consists of ‘Cantogather’ in English & Chinese accompanied by a protagonist blowing speech bubbles. The girl represents our students from non-Chinese communities and showcases the joy experienced when language and cultural barriers exist no more. However, the logo consists of 3+ brand colors and lacks cohesion – often hindering legibility on prints, and increasing the cost for merch.

Currently a work in progress!

As a team, we want to develop new frameworks and visual representations that embody our vision and mission as Cantogather in a comprehensive manner. Some ideas include the values of Connection, Speech, Interactive Play, Trust, Relationship Building - we also explored motifs and icons like speech bubbles, building blocks, initials that are simpler and more legible in form.

Frame 25.png
Frame 45.png
Frame 28.png
Frame 41.png
Frame 44.png
Frame 40.png

03 The Initials: Canto-Gather

Frame 43.png
Frame 46.png

04 Other Motifs

Frame 47.png

Telling their stories, crafting our narrative.

Telling the stories of change is key to our mission. We want to leverage the agency and voices of our students and their families as representatives of non-Chinese communities in Hong Kong – their narrative is told through live tv interviews, short films, social-media features, and more!  


The foundation of our work is based on community outreach and hands-on workshops. We thereby decided to incorporate photographs of our classrooms, workshops, and campaign events to showcase the genuine connections fostered between our mentors and students. The notion of connection is also underlined through the focus on the call to action: Get involved, Donate, Work with Us, and Volunteer.

01 The Speech Bubble

02 Relationship Building

Meet the Cantogather Team!


Taken at a team gathering in Hong Kong! Despite working remotely, I'm beyond grateful to be working with these committed individuals in helping build a more accepting and inclusive community in Hong Kong.

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