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designing an accessible and personable dining hall experience 

6 weeks, Jan - Feb 2019


Project Instructor
Purin Phanichphant

Process + Methods 

User Research, Ethnographic Interview, Site Observation,

Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, Branding, User Testing



In the Spring 2019 Semester for DESINV 181 Reimagining Mobility taught by Purin Phanichphant, I worked with Nikita Jain and Jennifer Xie on resigning for an accessible UC Berkeley campus for the differently-abled community.

The Challenge

Thinking of the UC Berkeley campus as a micro-city, how might we create smarter environments that allow differently-abled members of the population to make well-informed decisions?

Our Design Process

Initial Discovery & Insights

Observational Study

To better understand the user journey, we studied the routine at Crossroads Dining Hall and identified pain-points of the process

Venn Diagram Analysis


To identify the overlaps and repeated categories in which the respective painpoints reflect

User Interviews


We asked our users to map out their usual routine at the Crossroads Dining Hall

Journey Mapping

Persona #1: User with Disability 

Journey Map -- Disabled Student (1)_edit
Journey Map -- Disabled Student (1)_edit

Persona #2: User without Disability 

Journey Map -- Abled Student (1)_edited.
Journey Map -- Abled Student (1)_edited.

Interview Findings

Key Insights + Analysis


How Might We's


We elaborated on different design opportunities informed by the pain-points + how might we's


Low Fidelity Prototype

Part A: Food Collection Station

Part B: Open Seats Panel

Mid Fidelity Prototype


Mid Fidelity Prototype User Testing

Design Iterations

Final Digital Prototype