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designing a seamless virtual platform for freelance architects

Summer 2018


Karbi Chan



Brand Identity, Graphic/ Visual Design 

Marketing Strategy, User Research,

Competitive Analysis


In Summer 2018, I worked as a Brand Experience Design intern at archiparti in Hong Kong.

At Archiparti, I worked on:

  • Created a unique digital ecosystem, visual identifiers, and iconography for the brand.

  • Redesign of the designer portal's onboarding experience for freelance architects.

What is archiparti? 

Project 1

Project 2

Archiparti provides a streamlined management process for project owners and architects around the world. By creating a digital communication platform that empowers a professional, affordable renovation process for independent designers and clients, the product connects and creates a personalized interior + architectural design service experience for both end-users. In other words, it's great renovations made simple!


Website – Reimagining the renovation design process 

The website is a visually modern update to the previous site, with cleaner navigation and call to action for users to join the archiparti platform + manage their projects. 














Brand Materials & Digital Ecosystem Design

  • A collaboration with archiparti's VR partner to explore the effectiveness of Virtual Reality as a tool to create a more intimate and personal site-showing experience for both the architect and client.

  • Production of promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, and a standing banner for pitch deck event and marketing campaigns. Graphics for social media, email campaigns, Ad banners, and blogs/ newsletters.

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1. Archiparti Leaflet.png
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