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Hi, I'm Cherry Wu!


I'm a multidisciplinary creative connecting human experiences across pixels and places at
Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Previously I studied Urban Experience Design at
UC Berkeley, and 
was a Product Designer for SCMP working with a wonderful cross-functional team to digitally transform the 117-year-old English newspaper!

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So why UI/UX Design + Urban Experience Design? 

Being born and raised amongst the culturally stimulating alleys of Taipei and iconic skyscrapers of Hong Kong, my love for creative expression naturally merged with a newfound passion for urbanism and interactive storytelling which led me into the realm of experience design.

As an advocate for social impact design, I am intrigued by the interaction between humans, digital and public spaces, and how technological advances have a ripple effect on social systems and behaviors. Not only do I see design problems with a physical and cultural dimension, but I also believe that designers have a responsibility to further inclusive and compassionate values during the creating process. 

This belief is translated through my work, which prompts users to interrogate their identities and roles as active participants in the city. By immersing myself in the best of both worlds–2D and 3D–I am committed to crafting more opportunities for collaborative dialogues and meaningful interactions.

Two summers ago, I conducted ethnographic interviews for RUF, a research and design collaborative engaged in the rural-urban transformation of China and Mongolia.

I also studied Smarter City Initiatives at the London School of Economics, with a focus on the digital divides and access to technology in cities.

When I'm not nerding over cities, I'm a published author of a children's picture book, a color synesthete, and a mentor!

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city nerd.

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