Hi, I'm Cherry Wu!


I'm an Urban Experience Design student at UC Berkeley, and a self-taught human-centered/ product and visual designer!

Currently, I'm an Intern for Okta's Content + Comms Team and the Visual Communications Designer for Student Technology Services at Cal — taking on roles in visual design in the fields of communications + brand & user experience.

So why Product DesignUrban Design? 

As an advocator for empathic design, I am inspired by the challenge to create trust, joy, and meaningful interaction through my work. Not only do I see design problems with both a physical and cultural dimension, but I also believe that designers have a responsibility to further inclusive and compassionate values during the design + making process. 

I chose Urban Design because of the opportunities in studying social interactions and its applications, not knowing I'd stumble across digital product and visual design. 

By immersing myself in the best of both worlds – 3D and 2D, I value the intersection of city-design and UI/UX in providing key services for communities in need. I want to make complex tools intuitive and serviceable. I am also committed to bridging equity and connectedness by creating seamless digital and physical experiences as a medium for collaborative growth in cities.

  • Two summers ago, I had the pleasure to conduct on-site interviews with Rural-Urban Framework in Hong Kong, a research and design collaborative pioneering the symbiotic relationship of ‘research and making’ as an essential form of the experience design methodology.


  • I also studied Smarter City Initiatives at the London School of Economics, with a focus on the challenges of the digital divide and access to technology and connectivity.

A visit to Oxford University during my stay in London, UK

What else is in my fruit bowl?

I was born in Taipei City and raised in Hong Kong among the culturally stimulating narrow alleys and iconic skyscrapers. I thrive on amplifying bustling urban energy.

I'm a published author and illustrator of The Boy in the Chameleon Mask, a children's picture book that celebrates diversity and inclusive communities. I intend to explore topics of social concerns with creative illustrations and poetry. 

I recently finished and loved The Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki by Haruki Murakami, and have The Happy City by Charles Montgomery pending on my shelf.

As a color synesthete, I associate each number with its own color, personality, and gender.

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

Email: iamwuche@gmail.com

  • linkedin: Cherry Wu
  • @wuarts
  • @iamwuche